Questions & answers

Q1: What courses can I include in to my studies?

A1: You can attend all courses at Haaga-Helia, if you fulfil the prerequisites.


Q2: How can I utilize my prior studies?

A2: You can transfer credits from your prior studies if they're of an equal or higher educational level. If you have acquired know-how by other means it can be recognized through the agreed-upon ways and transferred to ECTS.


Q3: How do I know which curriculum I will follow?

A3: You will follow the curriculum which is valid at the time you start your studies.


Q4: Do my prior studies ever expire?

A4: Technically, no. When the curriculum is updated the learning goals will be updated too. That is why it is not always possible to transfer credits from your prior studies of different curriculum completely. A situation like this might happen if you, for example, have dropped out and continued your studies later.


Q5: Can I graduate in less than 3.5 years?

A5: Yes, you can. You can make a personal study plan with your student councellor to help you complete your studies faster.


Q6: Can I choose any language for my free-choice language?

A6: The degree programme includes two elective languages in addition to Finnish and English. The choices are Spanish, Chinese, French, Swedish, German and Russian. If you wish you can also request to study some other elective language. In that case please contact your student councellor to make a study plan for the language to correspond with degree programme's language skill goals.


Q7: Can I start Swedish from the beginner level?

A7: Unfortunately not. Our curriculum does not include Swedish for beginners. You can attend beginning Swedish courses from other degree programmes' curricula.


Q8: If I haven’t earned a diploma (which makes me uneligible to apply), is there any other way to become a student?

A8: You can apply through the Open University of Applied Sciences. You need to accomplish 60 ECTS at the Open University of Applied Sciences to be eligible to apply for the Degree Programme for Multilingual Assistants.


Q9: Can I study in the Degree Programme for Multilingual Management Assistant while working full time?

A9: If you cannot attend the contact lessons during the day it will be hard to achieve learning goals, especially in the languages.


Q10: Is it mandatory to attend the contact lessons?

A10: This depends on the course; see the answer to question 9.






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